Dog RescueLife is really important, either it is about the human or the animal, life holds a significant role in the world. Once a living being lost his/her life, he/she will never come back-a harsh reality. The increasing number of killing the stray animal urge the people to raise the issue on social media and provide certain incentives to prevent the lives of the stray animal. Most of the time dogs become victimizers of such brutal incidents so this article is going to give a brief review on Dog Rescue.

The heart filled with pity and the eyes got wet by seeing the homeless dogs and the painful sensation hidden in their eyes. There are many organizations that are taking incentives to provide a home and care for the stray animals. But as an individual, it is the duty of the each person to provide security if he/she see the animal in the danger and contact the people dealing with small dog rescue. You can trace their contacts from the internet and other social networking websites.

Dogs are although innocent, but lose their nerve when they come to anger. There are cases where humans were killed by the brutal attacks of the dogs. It’s not the fault of the dog, but the fault of the barbaric society that do not bother to cater the needs of the Homeless dogs. Now it becomes quite easy to search the ways to rescue the dogs as there are many websites that provides you a great series of dog rescue videos. It is a humane act to see the ways of puppy rescue and prevent the little life from the danger. Some of the European countries have spread the dog rescue groups in the areas where they found the abundant dead bodies of the dogs and want to stop their killing.

If you found a stray dog in your area, then you should take following steps to give him food, shelter and peace:

1. Give him food and water before taking him to rescue shelter. You don’t know for how many hours this creature remained hungry and thirsty, so give him a meal to quench his thirst.

2. Don’t touch him and do not go close to him as you can never predict the mood of the stray dog, secondly its filthy body contain certain germs that are harmful for your body.

3. Finding a dog rescue shelter is your first and foremost responsibility. You can find the exact address of the rescue shelter from online directories and take the dog to the shelter it deserves. These shelters are specific for a particular type of dog, so be aware of all the information before taking the dog to its destination.

4. Take your dog to the vet for his complete checkup, ask the vet to vaccinate the dog from the disease he prone to be affected. There are chances that the stray dog behave unpredictably, so do not get closer to him until his body got vaccinated for the diseases like kennel cough, Rabies, Heart worms, intestinal parasites or distemper. Dogs are mostly affected by these diseases and their clumsy and rude behavior depicts their Suffering.

5. Give him a bath of lukewarm water and put a few drops of anti-bacterial agents to remove the dirt on the roads.

6. As the stray dog is not concerned about his bathroom need, so you should aware of this fact and take him away to relieve him from his bathroom needs.

7. Take him for the walk, because if he lost his mother then you can unite the puppy with his mother and feel happy for the reunion of the child and mother of an animal.

8. If you start developing feelings for the dog and built a soft corner for him in your heart, then adopt the dog and train him to get acquainted with his new home and new master.

9. Keep your dog neat and free from dirt. Spend a valuable time with your newly adopted pet and make him realize his importance in your life. Give him meals after regular interval of time and don’t dare to give him stale food.

10. Give him proper space and built a special shelter for the dog in the home. Give best possible comforts to him. You can purchase second hand items to fulfill the needs of your pet. Provide a warm and cozy place if the weather is cold and snowy or provide the cool space if you resides on hot climatic region.